Devil on the Deep Blue Sea:
The Notorious Career of
Captain Samuel Hill of Boston

Bullbrier Press, 2006

Winner of the 2006
John Lyman Book Award
for best Maritime Biography by the North American Society of Oceanic History

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Reviews of Sam Hill

“Mary Malloy’s SAM HILL is a tour de force -- a fascinating, highly readable, and meticulously researched portrait of an extraordinary American mariner and his age. Highly recommended.”

– Nathaniel Philbrick, best selling author of In the Heart of the Sea, Sea of Glory, and Mayflower

“meticulously researched and engagingly written”

Seattle Times, 26 June 2007
“Seeking the true Sam Hill” by Tom Brown

More information on Sam Hill’s link to Lewis & Clark is available at: “Passing the Hats: Collections of Lewis and Clark on the Columbia River,” Discovering Lewis and Clark, 2007. Click here to go to the site.

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