Wandering Heart by Mary Malloy

The Wandering Heart

“Malloy makes an impressive fiction debut, mixes history and fantasy with flair and delivers a wonderfully satisfying puzzler.”
--Publisher’s Weekly

“Throughout the book, Malloy's use of medieval tales, the Knights Templar history, ancient artifacts, and naval history deftly guide the reader deeper into the character and her motivations. As she solves one mystery, another one looms larger and more terrifying, eradicating any chance of reprieve from the tension. This novel itself reads like a seafaring voyage--full of swift turns, unknown frontiers and the desire to answer the big questions we all ask ourselves."
--Foreward Magazine


Paradise Walk by Mary Malloy

Paradise Walk

“This unconventional mystery will satisfy those who enjoy intellectual puzzles like Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time.”
--Publisher’s Weekly



The Wonder Chamber by Mary Malloy

The Wonder Chamber

“Malloy demonstrates a real flair for weaving an engrossing historical puzzle. Carefully assembling her story, she gently reels us in.” 
--Library Journal: Starred Review for December, 2013

 “Malloy’s questing intellect and fertile imagination will keep mystery readers entertained for years to come.  She tells a great tale.” 
-- Cape Cod Times