The Wonder Chamber - Mary Malloy

The Wonder Chamber

Researching an ancient collection, Lizzie Manning finds a sarcophagus with an unexpected mummified occupant—and another adventure!

“VERDICT: A professor herself (museum studies, Harvard Univ.), Malloy demonstrates a real flair for weaving an engrossing historical puzzle into her mystery plot. Carefully assembling her story, she gently reels us in. The author's third series entry (after Paradise Walk) is perfect for readers craving an elaborate scheme.”
--Library Journal - Starred Review for December, 2013

The Wonder Chamber - Mary Malloy

Paradise Walk

“This unconventional mystery will most satisfy those who enjoy intellectual puzzles like Josephine Tey’s The Daughter of Time.”  
-- Publisher’s Weekly

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The Wandering Heart

“Malloy makes an impressive fiction debut, mixes history and fantasy with flair and delivers a wonderfully satisfying puzzler.”  Publisher’s Weekly

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Devil on the Deep Blue Sea:
The Notorious Career of Captain Sam Hill of Boston

“Mary Malloy’s SAM HILL is a tour de force -- a fascinating, highly readable, and meticulously researched portrait of an extraordinary American mariner and his age. Highly recommended.”
-- Nathaniel Philbrick

Winner of the 2006 
John Lyman Book Award

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Souvenirs of the Fur Trade:
Northwest Coast Indian Art and Artifacts Collected by American Mariners
1788 - 1884

“Malloy draws upon both museum records and ethnohistorical documentation, thoroughly examined and interpreted in new ways. The precise, non-judgmental description of obscure collections data, much of it made more widely accessible here for the first time, will be especially pertinent to scholars of the subject.” 
-- American Antiquity

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"Boston Men" On the Northwest Coast:
The American Maritime Fur Trade
1788 - 1844

“An impressive work of painstaking scholarship, “Boston Men” on the Northwest Coast is a seminal reference work... a superb and valued contribution to the growing body of American maritime history.” 
-- Great Circle

A Bookwatch “American History Shelf” selection.

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A Most Remarkable Enterprise - Mary Malloy

A Most Remarkable Enterprise:
Lectures on the Northwest Trade and Northwest Coast Indian Life by Captain William Sturgis


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